Frequently Asked Questions


How are RDO endorsements made?

The RDO endorses political candidates by majority vote of the membership taken after all participating candidates have presented their platform and had a question and answer session with the RDO membership.  Candidates who are unable to schedule personal interviews may also have their candidacy considered by submitting their platforms to the RDO. 

Does the RDO only endorse Democrats?

The RDO is a Democratic organization which endorses the candidate best suited for the job, whether they be Democrat, Republican, Independent, or any other political party.  The RDO is not specifically "conservative" or "liberal", but judges candidates on their records of support for the hard working families of New Orleans and Louisiana.  

Some have even said that "RDO" may stand for "Republicans, Democrats, and Others".  We can't disagree.  The RDO endorses the candidates who have the best interests of the working men and women of Louisiana at heart, not just those that some political party has thrust upon the public.  The RDO is proud of its independence and proud to stand up for the working men and women of this state every time! 

I am a candidate for office. Can I speak to the RDO membership?

YES! The RDO attempts to contact every candidate in every local race to arrange an interview.  If you are a candidate and you did not receive our call, feel free to contact us to schedule your candidate interview.  Contact RDO through this site and we'll get in touch to schedule your appearance at an RDO candidate forum.  If you cannot attend any of our candidate forums, you may still submit your candidate's platform and any other information you believe would assist the RDO in considering your candidacy for office.

I am a candidate. What can I expect from the RDO if I am endorsed?

If the RDO endorsed you, that means we think you are the best person for the job and we want to help you WIN!  

First and foremost, our endorsement entitles you to inform the public that you are endorsed by us!  You are allowed to use our name (and our logos) on your approved websites, mailings, signs, and advertisements. If you need print-ready copies of our logos, email us and let us know.

The RDO will also assist you in your campaign by offering advice and assistance.  Our membership includes many seasoned politicians and political advisors.  If you need something from us, just ask.  In addition to our official ballot and city-wide advertisements, we can often help with things like sign locations, walk lists, manpower, and campaign advice.  We'll do whatever we can to help you!  

As an endorsed candidate, you will also be listed on our website, where we will link to your campaign website and facebook pages. 

Most importantly, we will list you on our official RDO Ballot, which is mailed to voters all across the city.  We will also list you in our television and print media advertisements.  Each candidate must pay his or her pro-rata share of these advertisement costs, which is much less expensive than what you would pay alone.  The RDO makes no profit from these ads or from their endorsements. 

How does the RDO pay for its ads and ballots?

The RDO is a dues-based, non-profit civic organization operated solely for the benefit of the public at large.  Membership dues pay for our normal operating expenses.  Expenses related to endorsements are paid on a pro-rata basis directly by the candidates endorsed by the RDO.  These ads usually include a mailing of official RDO Ballots to voters, television ads, and print ads in multiple local newspapers. The RDO makes no profit from these ads or from their endorsements.

Are RDO names and logos copyrighted or trademarked?

The red-white-and-blue, starred rooster logo, the crossed flags logo, circular RDO logo, and the RDO acronym and name are all copyrights and service marks (SM) of the Regular Democratic Organization of Louisiana.  Only approved RDO-endorsed candidates may display these copyrighted images, according to the terms of our endorsements.  The RDO retains all rights to all images and copyrights and any license for use by candidates is limited and revocable by the RDO at any time.  If you are an RDO-endorsed candidate and you need artwork of our logos for your campaign materials, you may take them from this website with permission, or you can email us through this site.